Compliance & regulation overview

Find the main issuer jurisdictions for security tokens and regions of distribution ranked by importance.

A security is a regulated financial product, therefore many rules apply. Most of them are to protect investors. These regulations depend not only on the issuers jurisdiction, but also countries where you will distribute your securities.

Here is the main list of issuer jurisdictions for crypto-securities:

  • USA - The SEC provides clear and well established offering rules and often used exemptions for offerings with restrictions on who can invest.
  • Singapore - The Securities and Futures Act provides for clear exemptions to standard registration requirements that can be advantageous to Security Offerings.
  • Malta - Regulators are building new rules and exemptions to attract companies in the blockchain space and could provide an ideal jurisdiction for issuance.
  • Luxembourg - Clear regulations and regulatory body that have attracted many HFunds.
  • Liechtenstein - Developing new laws in the hope of attracting more blockchain business.
  • Switzerland - Has shown itself to be a crypto-friendly region and has clear exemptions to standard security registration requirements including Qualified Investor exemptions and self-issuance exemptions.

Regions of distribution by importance:

  • USA: Clear rules for who you can sell to and a large population of accredited investors
  • Europe: Large market acting under the same rules
  • Asia: Crypto-friendly with the major crypto-hubs
  • Middle East: Big investors but investment rules are different
  • South America: Growing