How do I manage identities and ownership?

What's required to manage identities and ownership.

Identities management:

To enforce the compliant trading of tokens it is of course important to transfer between one wallet and another. However, as AML and KYC regulations that apply to security tokens are comparable to securities, it is also fundamental to allow for the creation and management of identities. Using protocols like the ERC-725/735 allows for a unique identity for a person or group that can be published and managed via the blockchain and allow for the identity to hold keys and sign actions. It provides an easier way operate the lifecycle management of a token by identifying more easily who can and cannot make transfers and allow for multiple people within an organization to sign off on transactions if they have the proper identity keys.

T-REX (Token for Regulated EXchanges):

To ensure compliance from the issuance of security tokens to their lifecycle management (securities servicing and transfers), issuers can use the T-REX (Token for Regulated Exchanges) infrastructure. This set of on-chain solutions allows them to create compliant by design security tokens by respecting market standards and well tested smart contracts templates. The T-REX ensures continuity with regards to KYC and AML compliance checks, ensuring all participants are eligible for the investment. It ensures interoperability with the main liquidity provider and allows issuers to allocate tokens to their investors and shareholders. The T-REX can be easily completed by other smart contracts and dApps to manage taxes, post-issuance corporate actions such as dividend payments, voting and announcements.