What are the KYC requirements?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is fundamental in any STO. Here is a list of requirements to consider.

What you need to check:

The precise requirements will come from your bank, respecting the regulations of your jurisdiction, but here are some factors to have in mind.

  • KYC for individual investors
    • Basic information: names, contact, etc.
    • Required documents: Government issue ID, selfie check or video check, proof of residence
    • Accreditation: Accreditation letter or proofs of wealth

  • KYC for institutional investors
    • Basic information: Legal name, number of registration, primary contact, etc.
    • Required documents: Beneficial owner, list of signatory, etc.
    • Accreditations: Proof of regulation, etc.

  • Who is doing the KYC checks:
    • As an issuer, you carry the responsibility
    • You can process the KYC checks Internally or via an external agent (ManCo, etc.)
    • By using KYC technical solutions it is possible to automate part of the process.