Who are the key players in the security token ecosystem?

Learn about all the key players in the security token ecosystem and their roles in the issuance process.

Advisors: These players are a necessity in a STO. Legal, marketing, distributor, technical and project co-ordinators are all needed in a successful and compliant token offering.

Blockchains: The blockchain is truly the backbone of the security token ecosystem and specifically the security token offering. Choosing the correct blockchain or developing a blockchain will be a big decision for any token offering

Exchanges: A pervasive theme in the security token market is the new liquidity that can stream into various asset classes through security tokens.

Investors: The types of investors that will come to the early security token market will mostly be those that are interested in the alternative investment category. Crypto-investors can be early adopters but as the security token market develops more traditional investors are coming into play.

Regulators: An integral part of the security token ecosystem are the regulators located in the various jurisdictions where offerings take place.

Tokenization Platforms: These platforms work towards easing the process of launching and managing a security token. They provide the technology and should help bring together all of the aspects of an offering into one place.

Wallets and Custodians: Wallets are key elements in the tokenized ecosystem. Each counter-party will need wallets to manage their identity, perform operations and store tokens.