What type of advisors are active in the STO market?

When launching a STO, there are a number of services that are needed to launch your token compliantly and successfully.

The security token ecosystem is deep with many different participants that may be able to help you through the token issuance process. Some companies may need the help of many different actors in the ecosystem while others may be able to handle most aspects in-house. Regardless of what the company may need the tools and advisors are certainly out there to produce a successful STO:


  • Legal Advisors: Companies will want to work with law firms that are experienced in the issuance country of their choosing. It will also be important to have legal advisors for the countries of distribution or an international operating law firm.
  • Marketing Agencies: The marketing practices in the security token offering industry can be quite specialized as there are unique advertising regulations to follow and also unique customers to target. Marketing agencies experienced in this industry can play an important part in the project.
  • Project Coordinators: These are mostly presented as advisory firms and they can help to manage the project and to articulate the different players according to the necessary timeline.
  • Technical Advisors: It can be important to have technical advisors that understand blockchain development. Many companies hire blockchain developers to assist with the technical aspect of the project.